Viaduct Article
Articles reporting on the opening of the Riverside Viaduct that connected 155 to 161 Street. Prior to the construction of the Viaduct, there was a “valley,” where the Audubon estate was located that was lower than the grade both south and north of the area.
Photo of Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Cameraman's Notes
Cameraman’s notes from the day this event was shot. The archive that holds this footage, the University of South Carolina, was so excited that we were interested in this rarely requested story, that they sent us all the associated paperwork that existed for this particular piece of footage.
Viaduct Opening Invitation
Invitation from the Parks Department to Mayor Jimmy Walker, who presided over the ribbon cutting. Mayor James J “Jimmy” Walker, who is described in the Encyclopedia of New York City as “slim, elegant and always ready with a wisecrack,” although remembered for some very positive contributions to the city ultimately was involved in corruption and a sex scandal.
Village Under the Viaduct #1
Visible and salient in the photo accompanying this article is the little village-like area that existed below the area where the viaduct was built. Besides the Audubon house which is barely visible where 155th Street curves into Riverside Drive, you can see other structures including garages and the very noticeable Wheelock Mansion which stood where the River Arts stands today, originally built in 1860.
Village Under the Viaduct #2

1929 Audubon Article