A building is many things. It is home. It is an architectural statement. It can be a stage set. And for some it is a business venture.

This website is an attempt to present a sampling of these varied perspectives on 790 Riverside Drive. We hope to keep adding new recollections of residents who for the last 100 years have called 790 Riverside Drive home. Please write something for us or reach out to someone whom you know lived here at some point over the last hundred years and ask them to write something.

We also want to remember the films that were shot here. Most of us remember the shoot for the thriller Salt, shot in 2009, opening in July 2010. If you know of other films shot here, particularly before 1980, please tell us so we can include them on the site.

We are fascinated by the various graphic styles and copy that have been used to promote the building and its apartments to potential tenants over the years. We would love to refresh the items we have here if you have more to add.

This website was initiated and produced by individual residents of 790 Riverside Drive and does not represent the views or efforts of any official organization.

This represents a start. We welcome suggestions to make this site even richer.

photo photo
Credit: NYC Municipal Archives. Snapshot on the right by Riviera resident.